Reasons Why You Should Hire Carpeting Cleaning Service

Every household has a responsibility of cleaning their carpet, especially when you feel its already dirty and dingy. There are others who are thinking in doing the job on their own. But it might be best when you hire a professional cleaner to do the job.  

But why would you hire someone instead of doing it on your own? Below are the benefits you will gain when you are a carpeting cleaning service than doing the job by yourself.  

There are different carpet materials. You may not know but there are different carpet materials that need special cleaning. Some carpets are made is soft fabric while others are plush. You may not know the proper way of cleaning. But if you are going to hire an expert, they know which cleaning tools and mixture to use. This is to ensure that the material stays vibrant and fresh upon cleaning. 


A professional cleaner knows how to remove stains. No matter how careful you are with your carpet, you will spill something and stain your carpet. There are stains that are not easily removed than others. If you are not professional, you may not know the proper way of doing it. But with an expert, they have been dealing with stains, steam cleaning and know about them. When you hire one, they will work for you to remove it properly and completely. 


They will not leave moisture. Sometimes when you clean, you end up leaving moisture around. Once you are done cleaning, the moisture will be in your carpet. Moisture will start growing even before your carpet is dried fully. Moisture often are causes of bacteria and mold in your carpet which ends up ruining it. But with professional cleaner, they have equipment that won’t leave moisture behind. 


Equipment use for cleaning is expensive. You need to have the proper equipment in order to clean your carpet. Without it, you cannot effectively clean it. If you are thinking of buying, it can be expensive on your part. But hiring a professional, you know that they already have the tools and equipment used for cleaning. You don’t need to burden yourself buying and investing on something you don’t often use.  


They will sanitize your carpet. Some rental equipment and tool for cleaning do not have sanitation which leaves your carpet germ free and clean. It is essential to leave your carpet from bacteria and help fight from spreading. They also know the right cleaning materials to use to completely clean your carpet.  


You can do other important works. Cleaning your carpet requires time. But what if you are busy with your life or work? You may not want to spend your weekend inside your house and cleaning your carpet. But if you hire someone, the expert can do the work while you are away. He may do the job while you are at work. So, when you come home you will have a clean carpet already. Less hassle and you have time to spend on important stuff.  


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How to Maintain Your Carpet Cleaning Service?

By now, you already know the need to preserve the name you gave for your cleaning business, to practice what you have learned in training for deep cleaning, to use safe products, and to justify your rates (be it hourly or flat). You might be wondering; how can I expand my carpet cleaning business given that all of us believe we’re already good at what we’re doing? The cleaning trend is still fresh and there are lots of entrepreneurs who already took advantage of it. How do you keep your business at the forefront of squeaky cleanliness? Here are four (4) tips to maintain your carpet cleaning service. 

Tip 1- Do online marketing


As a startup, you will most likely do most of the cleaning yourself which leaves very little time for you to do marketing activities. Given that situation, one of the best ways to expand your market is to get inbound leads from the internet. Social media is where the potential money is at. 75 percent of today’s consumers use the internet to find a local business such as In other words, most of the customers who need your services are looking for you online.  


You need to establish online presence. All of your posts should match with the brand’s positioning in terms of: company story; business objective; and comparative advantage. They usually do local searches where a set of keywords plus location are typed on a search engine. 


Tip 2- Reevaluate your image


Still in the aspect of marketing, business image is one of its most important tools. If you want to be relevant and be still “in the now”, your image should keep up with the changing times and that means, you have to reevaluate your image. Jim Cavanaugh, founder and president of Jani-King International, posted questions on several components. These include: 


  • Uniform. Are your workers clean and neat, wearing attractive uniforms or at least nice jeans or slacks? 
  • Printed materials. Are your invoices and statements typed neatly or computerized? Do the documents you produce display professionalism? 
  • Integrity. Do you operate and behave in such a way that building managers and owners are comfortable trusting you and your employees with unsupervised access to their facility? 
  • Equipment. Is your equipment clean and in good repair? 
  • Vehicles. Are your company vehicles clean, running properly and neatly marked with your company name and logo?  


Tip 3- Use a Scheduling Software to Manage Appointments


Even with minimal marketing, you could end up with more clients than you can keep track of with a simple calendar. Avoid double-booking yourself by using an online scheduling tool. There is a software that can sync with your personal calendars and let clients book appointments. They can also make payments right from the comfort of their own phones. 

Tip 4- Manage profitability 

Like every business, you need a reliable, trackable system for quoting and invoicing, managing jobs, allocating labor and materials, collecting payments and paying taxes. You also want to establish an easy, efficient way to communicate with customers, and encourage them to share their satisfaction with their peers.

Once you’re set up with the right equipment and have a reliable book of business, you can expect pretty fair profit margins. To avoid falling into simplistic traps like undercutting yourself, look for a simple mobile application that would help you track relative costs associated with jobs (including chemicals, gas, labor etc.). 


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Tips in Building a Carpet Cleaning Service

At the start of 2019, cleaning has become the newest trend. A lot of people are into it as seen in the popularity of Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo and her hit series ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’. More than a trend, cleaning is a need to maintain our humble abodes. The word ‘maintain’ is an uphill challenge when dealing with fixtures, most especially carpet. But you as an aspiring entrepreneur, despite all the dust you may encounter, have already thought out that all businesses thrive on the concept of need. Cleaning is a need. There are lots of carpets to be cleaned. Ergo, more economic opportunities; hence, convincing you to put up a carpet cleaning service.  

You already have the passion to pursue, but what else do you need to vacuum all of your clients’ carpeting cleaning services woes. Here are four (4) steps to start a Carpet Cleaning Service  


Step 1- Name your Carpet Cleaning Service 

    Naming your business can be as difficult as naming your child. The name of your business should reflect company story, business objectives, and comparative advantage that distinguishes your company from others. You have a lot to say in a few words so you really have to come up with a great recall. 


Step 2- Get training 

    Getting a certification from a reliable center amp up your name as people will definitely think you know what you’re doing (or cleaning for this matter). Take advantage of vocational schools that offer a comprehensive training. You may contact someone in your area to ride around with them to get a feel for things, but this will not grant you the credibility that will help you ace over the others. 

Step 3- Save money 

    Every business needs startup capital and local carpet cleaners services are no different. You will need money for equipment, gas, and marketing, at the minimum. Figure out what you need to live on top of that, and try to have ninety (90) days expenses in reserve to give you time to establish regular cash flow. Other supplies that you’ll need are: all-purpose cleaner; cleaning uniform or apron (with multiple pockets); Disinfectants; latex gloves; paper towels; scrubbing brushes; and window cleaner

    Also, consider investing in organic products which you can use as a selling point to clients with pets or kids.  


Step 4: Set Your Rates

    There are two (2) commonly observed rates: Hourly rate; and flat rate. Hourly Rate is by far the most common method of charging customers for your cleaning services. The easiest way to establish it is to call up your competitors and ask them how much they charge. You will most likely get a range of rates as companies rarely charge the same fees. You can use the range to come up with your own. 


Flat Rate is the more preferred among customers because they won’t have to worry about extra charges in case the job takes longer than expected. To identify this figure, estimate the number of hours it will take you to clean a particular house.  


By now, you should be ready to get your first batch of customers. In a nutshell, embody the name that you gave for your cleaning business, stick to what you have learned in your training, use the right products, and be truthful about your rates. By doing all of these, you will most certainly make your rivals bite the dust. 





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